Aqui puede usted dejar su testimonio. 

26/06/18 Lupita Barboa.  Today a few of us gathered for a healing session.  Amy a friend got the Key of Coherence.  She is clairvoyant. As she saw the Key of Coherence she began to cry when she felt the intention of love the Key of Coherence has to heal people throughout the world.  In fact, through a regression she saw the drawings and it was an amazing experience.

26/06/18.  Myrian Echer.  I attended the Orthomolecular Medicine conference where I met Dr Carlos Orozco who gave me his book entitled Coherence.  After listening to him and receiving the Key of Coherence I felt I had to become coherent.  I had in my name tag the surname of the person I was separating from.  I thought I only had to have my name written on it.  I decided to pay the money for the organizers to change my name in the tag. I just gave them my first name, however, when the tag was printed it showed my maiden name as well, something I never mentioned it to the organizers, they did not know my maiden name, and yet, the computer printed it on my new tag. Wow!

29/06/18 Robyn Ellwood.  I used the Key of Coherence to charge myself and my dog. He won 3rd best in a  dog show. In the previous weeks I have been using the Key of Coherence regularly. Since then he has been a constant winner.  He is now rated as a Supreme Champion.  That is as high as you can go.  He is also running for the Dog of the Year Award.  I also wrote my intention stating that I wanted him to win, and he has! Amazing stuff, hey?

03/07/18. Paul.  Let me start from the beginning before I got the Key of Coherence.  I have a one- year old son in California. My relationship with his mother was in the deepest of the deep and in the dark of darkness.  She blocked me from every social media and from getting in touch with my son.  We could not reach any type of agreement in any way, shape. She could not understand any of the reasons for which I had to leave the United States.  The hardest part was to leave my son.  I have been there since the first second he arrived in this world. Our connection was even stronger than that he has with his mother, something that is normally the other way around.  That boy and I are so connected in such an amazing strong way by the Hand of God. Things like being a European living in California without a working permit.  I had no choice but to leave and return to Europe.  5 Weeks later I met Dr Carlos Orozco when he was launching his first published book called Coherence in Portuguese and also the Key of Coherence.  I got the book and the Key of Coherence and I felt so overwhelmed.  He explained to me how it works and why he wrote the book.  As soon as I got the Key of Coherence I started to focus in the most precious love in my heart and in what I wanted to happen, my intention. I did not need many words, the simply desire to reconnect with my son and to let the pain I had in my heart go was enough. I simply hold the Key of Coherence next to my heart day in day out for week or so.  Liam’s (my son) grandmother wanted to let me see him behind her daughter’s back, this was a strong first sign that something miraculous was about to unfold. I could not believe this was happening and I became so grateful and could not expect anything else.  A few days later I aimed at getting in touch with his mother. For some reason or another it felt natural.  I was afraid she will stop me from being in touch with Liam when she knew it was happening behind her back.  Having the Key of Coherence with me, and the love I have for Liam in my heart I armed myself with strength to call her.  What happened next was totally unexpected.  It was a miracle! We talked in a very amiable manner, putting all our disagreements behind for the sake of Liam.  It was like if nothing had ever happened.  She now allows me to be in constant contact with our son, and more over she sends me pictures of him regularly. There is no more judgement, no more pain, we are good friends now and we love the little boy we have.  I cannot even express how I feel and how happy I am.  I only have to be grateful to Carlos for the amazing man, friend that he is.  He is definitively working making God’s wonders known to man, above all love. I want to thank you for ever with all my love.

04/07/18. Anonymous.  My husband and I received the Key of Coherence and two days later the most amazing thing happened.  7 years ago, thieves stole very expensive works of art and very expensive equipment we had at our house.  The house was broken into an everything we had was stolen.  We were devastated.  We became bankrupt.  The machines were our means to earn a living.  We barely survived.  The second evening after having the Key of Coherence in our hands the unbelievable happened.  My husband access the internet and found all our belongings including the expensive machinery, being sold in a house auction.  We could prove these items belonged to us, and we recovered them 7 years later! We could not be happier.

03/07/18. ICU Physician.  Aurora what happened yesterday is heavy.  I was in my shift at ICU when I was called to go to admission because of a patient who was in extreme chest pain.  We had no beds, it could possibly have been a heart attack or a clot in a lung.  I was waiting for the preliminary studies that were done in this patient when I came across the Key of Coherence.   I began to stare at it, without expecting anything.  After a little while I went to get the results of the blood tests done on this patient, and they came up within the normal range of values for all parameters tested.  So a heart attack was discarded.  Thromboembolism was also discarded.  The girl was pain free.  Following this, I had the best shift of my life.  I was able to rest from 1:30 am to 6:30 am.  This for me it is wonderful.  I woke up and found there was only 2 of us to look after 20 patients.  I began my shift at 8:30 am and went home at 1:30 pm finished the shift and went home.  I had a shower I got ready to go to Santigao to the movies with my son, while on the road, it was like travelling in another time line. While we were riding on a microbus, a man comes close to us and he gives us a rapped chocolate he then got off the bus.  That day I was able to achieve everything I had planned to do, including a test I had to do. The Key of Coherence is an amazing tool. I am grateful you shared it with me, and I wish that all the goodness that comes from your heart is returned to you multiplied.

9/08/18.  Aurora Campusano.  This is the case of one of my students that asked me for support because her son was about to have laser eye surgery due to queratocono.  In a previous surgery he experienced extreme pain and it was quite traumatic.  I suggested to sent an image of the Key of Coherence to her son. He had the surgery. The description of what happened was recorded in an audio via whatsapp.

12/08/18. Pedro. Thank you!  I used the Key of Coherence last night. A 44-yearold woman had a fracture in her left ankle.  She has been in chronic pain since.  Last night I used the Key of Coherence on her for less than a minute.  For the very fist time sine she had such lesion, the pain came down from 9/10 to 3 /10 and today she woke up with no pain 0/0.

12/08/18. Marianne. After so many days of being looking after my mum who has been suffering from chronic cognitive degeneration, since I have been using the Key of Coherence with her, she is much more relaxed and mentally more alert and lucid without any form of anxiety.

12/08/18. Karla.  I have two amazing experiences with the Key of Coherence.  On Friday, my mum fall from her bed hurting her forehead.  I felt so frustrated.  I reached for the Key of Coherence and placed it above my heart.  Immediately I felt the warmth it generated.  A similar sensation as that of Reiki. Then I look at the area where mum hit her head and I noticed it was changing color, it went from purple to light blue to pink and then nothing.  The dramatic change in color within minutes was amazing.

The second experience comes from a Rosacea crisis, the nose was irritated and inflamed.  It was hurting me inside out,  I placed the Key of Coherence on my nose. The sensation I felt was like that of Reiki. A Warmth soothing sensation. This morning I woke up with no inflammation in my nose just some scaring that is not painful.

12/8/18 Eduardo Acuna:  I want to comment on a case from a patient that I saw 10 days ago. The results of an assessment in a 2 year 4 months old girl. The diagnosis was Moderate Autism.  The mother was hoping for Asperger Syndrome. When the diagnosis was given she felt hopeless and she wrote to me for support.  I suggested to her to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) using the emotions of hopelessness she was experiencing. After she used the EFT technique she felt better, and I asked to her to steer at one side of the Coherence Key for one minute and to the other side of the card for another minute.  The girl who did not talk at all, began to speak the day after she steered at the Key of Coherence. This is most important to point out,  I made a couple videos that I am attaching.  In one the girl is saying out loud the sounds of the characters of the complete English Alphabet, in the other one the girl is reading the what the characters MA MA sound like. She had never done such a thing in her entire life. None can believe the dramatic change that took place.  Today the 28th of August 2018 her mother tells me that her daughter continues reading and interacting with other children in a completely normal way.  She adds, what am I going to say to the neurologist who diagnosed her with Moderate Autism, how am I going to explain such miracle?

04/09/18 Eduardo therapeutic Psychologist says:  Hi, Yes the girl keeps reading in Spanish and sometimes mentions an English character from the alphabet. Her cognitive progress has been at super speed. She reads everything she sees, from adds to headlines etc.  She was going to be admitted to an institution called “Pekes” for autistic children that works with autistic children.  She was assessed and she performed and interacted with other children and adults normally. The mother was told her daughter is fine and there was no need to admit her to such institution.

11/08/18.  Barbara Burzynski.  My eye doctor referred me to the best ophthalmologist in Houston. He told me the operation I was advised to have was not the best option for me.  Everything was done by phone. I know who is the master behind this, the Key of Coherence is magic. 

11/08/18. Aurora Campusano.  Lower back pain for several days.  During approximately one minute the Key of Coherence was placed on the lower back area.  The person reports that it felt like ice was applied to the back.  The pain disappeared instantly.  Half an hour later she was relaxed, sleepy and with no pain.  She experienced total relief. 

11/08/18. Throat pain.  The Key of Coherence was applied for 30 seconds and the pain subsided dramatically after 5 minutes there was no pain.

11/08/18.  Neck and Shoulder pain.  The Coherence card was applied for one minute, and the pain disappeared completely within minutes.

11/08/18. Head and Neck pain.  For several days this person experienced sever neck pain when moving the head.  The pain was described as branching from the head and extending to the neck and shoulders.  After applying the Key of Coherence for a minute the pain dissipated and within minutes subsided leaving the person relaxed and sleepy.

11/08/18.  This is a very impressive case where I saw something I was not expecting.   There was intense pain in the left kidney.  At times it make walking difficult and the patient needed to seat down to relief the pain.  After applying the Key of Coherence for one minute the patient felt like fine sand was running through his body and it was a cold sensation. The pain eventually subsided.   I saw something that I did not shared with the patient. When I applied the Key of Coherence on his back, I saw something like a grey type of steam emanating from his back.  I was very perplexed when I saw such phenomenon.  I did not get frightened just curious as to how something like this could happen. 

18/08/18. Carlos. While walking next to a friend, one of her earrings fall off and landed on grass.  For the first 5 minutes we looked thoroughly.  She took the other earring off and dropped it as well to see how it bounced.  Following the trajectory, we both look in the area still unable to find it.  I took the Key of Coherence and imagined the earring would find us.  Within minutes, my friend found the missing earring on the grass complete, that means the earring as well as the lock were together.  It seems that she did not unlocked it in place when she put it in, then how could it stay in her the lobe of her ear.   

21/08/18. Marcia Paillalef.  I was playing with my 4 year old niece and she experienced some tickling with the Key of Coherence, the same happened with my 6 year old daughter about a month ago.  The strange thing is that at that time she was getting a cold and it vanished after using the Key of Coherence. I also applied it to one of my relatives who had an itchy red eye, using acupuncture points and it was impressive how she had facial tics that were quite obvious.  She also noticed them. In summary the eye took time to heal but her state of mind changed significantly. She had just lost her job that was important for her.  She is 71 year s old and she registered to have ballet lessons.

29/08/18 Claudia Rivero. Yesterday I began using the Key of Coherence, without no expectations, only feeling love.Before going to bed, I looked at the Key of Coherence and then closed my eyes expressing gratitude, and an image of my childhood came into my mind, and I experienced a feeling of tranquillity and peace. I then passed the Congruency side of the Key of Coherence through every chackra and this had an impact in my jaw which was locked. At the end, I felt that there was a flow of energy in the shape of a vortex spinning above my head. This sensation entered my body and I experienced a light swinging feeling, I thought that could have been an earthquake, and of course it was a sensation my body was experiencing.

This morning for the first time in several weeks my son woke up to go to school without me having to wake him up shouting to him up to 5 times.

When I turned on the engine of my car, it made a horrible noise, and the control panel in the dash board was not working properly. The computer running them deprogrammed.  While driving in the set of lights I applied the EFT technique using tapping thinking about the car. Then I placed the Key of Coherence on top of the dash board.  Later that day, the engine stopped making funny noises and the computer controlling the dash board began to function normally. 

I continued to use the Key of Coherence with my patients that afternoon.  I was treating a 78 year old woman and at the end of the session she said her left hip was hurting. We did tapping, and then I used the Key of Coherence.  She told me she experienced chilling in her body and throbbing in the hip area.  The original pain that she graded as a 7/10 became a 1/10. Just a mild discomfort.   She left very happy and so was I.  The Key of Coherence reminded me of letting go, and simply flow.

29/08/18 Kathy Lucas. In my understanding, to know what is the Key of Coherence, is looking at one’s self in a particular state and frequency while using the Key of Coherence, when combined with tapping the energy flows naturally.

29/08/18 Daniella Lagos.  I used the Key of Coherence and tapping when one of my kids was vaccinated.  He became very weak after the vaccine.  The paediatrician did not allow him to look at the needle, so he did not know when the needle was retracted from his body.  He became pale and I did some tapping and used the Key of Coherence afterwards. The colour in his face came back and he asked me for his toys.  10 minutes later he was feeling very well and said he was going to seat a maths test.

29/08/18.  Carlos. My friend and I were about to catch an international flight, when we realized we were placed in different sections of the plane.  For some reason I was in business class and she was flying economy. Since we have been travelling together, I decided I would switch me seat for someone seating next to her in economy, so that we could still travel together.  When we got to the counter at the boarding gate. I explain the situation to the clerk and she said, the flight is full, I will see if I can get your friend a seat in business class and she did.  I had the Key of Coherence in my phone.  We were still separated but in business class.  I asked two passengers flying business class if we could swap seats so that my friend and I could seat next to each other.  The one seating next to me, said he would swap and he did.  In this way my friend and I end up seating next to each other as we travel to our destination.

31/08/18 Mika Villagra.  Today a student came to see me as she was very upset because of the recent passing of her grandfather.  I told her we would do an experiment. I took the Key of Coherence and asked her to point to the part of her body which was feeling the sadness.  She told me the pain was being felt in her chest.  I place the Key of Coherence on her chest for one minute. Then I asked her if there was pain or sadness in another place, and she pointed towards her abdominal area. Place the Key of Coherence there for a minute and then she said the pain had gone towards her back above the kidneys.  I placed the Key of Coherence in the suprarenal area of both kidneys for one minute on each.  Her facial expression changed completely until she gave me a huge smile.  I asked her what she felt and she told me that it felt like if an enormous weight has been lifted from her heart.

31/08/18 Jeannette Troncoso.  I used the Key of Coherence in the chakras o a patient who has lots of resentment and hate trapped.  I used the Key of Coherence in each of his chakras in a clock wise and then in a counter clock wise fashion forming the loops of a vortex.  He as filled with peace to the point he was unable to connect with his anger, resentment and hate that he was feeling before. He became another person looking happy, joyfull and fulfilled.

31/08/18. Aurora Campusano.  Yesterday I did a biomagnetic session to a friend who had issues with her colon.  I used kinesiology and asked if I could use the Key of Coherence on her applying it to her glands and obtained a positive response.   I applied it to the pineal, the hypophysis,  the thyroid, the liver and the suprarenal  glands about 3 cm away from her body while she had her eyes closed as I have asked her to close them during the session, she thought I was using the magnets, and she told me she felt the energy flowing inside her body like never before reaching her feet.  The following morning she told me she slept very well and woke up without pain.

4/09/18. Ana Pfeifer.  Today I lent my Key of Coherence to a friend.  I told her that she had to use it to energise the chakras. She told me that she felt the potent influence of the energy in her 5th chakra.  She used her left hand and placed the Key of Coherence above her head and she saw a light, what was very impressive was when she took the Key of Coherence with both hands, she felt that everything was expanding around her through a vortex.  She had never experienced anything like that.

4/09/18. Aurora Bella.  Yesterday I went to a school to work with some teachers.  I took four bottles of water with me, and placed them in every corner of a room. I used the Key of Coherence to energise the bottles and then we did tapping to unblock trapped energy in that resulted in tension, tiredness, and discomfort in arms, shoulders and in the back. I then played the Tibetan Bells or  Cuencos. The atmosphere filled with such energy that every one was laughing , and being  grateful. A young woman, came to me and thank me, at the same time of telling me that she is quite sceptic and that never ever in her life she had experienced anything like what she did.  She now want to do the EFT course. The school head master hugged me tidily and I felt a great sensation of gratitude without judging.

4/09/18 Loreto Bascunan.  Today I experienced a very strong headache. While holding the Key of Coherence above my head, the headache worsen, and at the same time certain feelings began to emerge.  I started asking for forgiveness, I noticed the Key of Coherence began to heat up, and the headache subsided. 

I saw a patient afterwards, I used the Bio magnetic pair to scan her body. She asked me to use the Key of Coherence with her, and she placed it on top of her heart.  The Key of Coherence began to heat up and she began to say things she never dared to say and began to cry.  I used reverse psychology so that she harmonizes her life knowing that she is not a bad person.  She went home so happy and grateful. EFT and the Key of Coherence are amazing.

4/09/18 Maria Lorena Jimenez. I do a mixture of the two, the same as Aurora does, I run the Key of Coherence twice, one run per side over every chakra, for a minute.  I regulate the time after the 30 seconds.  My 7- year old son has issues going to bed. Since I have been using the Key of Coherence he goes to sleep very quickly and sleeps soundly throughout the night.

4/09/18 Claudia Riveros.  I did the following.  I place the congruency side of the Key of Coherence on each Chakra just for 30 seconds starting in the crown.  At the end, I simply look at the Coherence side and I place the image to my mind and my heart.  I always feel great upon finishing.

4/09/18 Aurora Campusano.  In my case, I am starting using the key of Coherence from the base chakra upwards, by simply placing the coherence card about 3 cm above each chakra for about a minute.  Then I do the same with the other side of the Key of Coherence from the bottom to the top.  Anyone has any suggestions?

4/09/18 Anonymous.  Today I used the Key of Coherence with a young man with chronic depression. He arrived to the clinic feeling very depressed (10/10), using tapping we brought it back to 3/10.  For seconds it would vanish (0/10) and then will come back to stabilize itself around 3/10.    We place the Key of Coherence above his throat, while doing tapping and the depression dissolved completely.  His comment was: Que Bacan , I feel incredibly well.  Then I asked him to stare at the Key of Coherence while talking about his future, what he wanted, what for he wanted and why he wanted it.  While talking I was doing tapping on his other hand. It was beautiful I just wanted to share the experience.

08/09/18. Carlos.  I took my watch off my wrist to go through security at an airport.  I place it inside my back pack.  While flying to my destination, I look for the watch in my back pack and it was not there.  I searched the bag several times.  Upon arrival to the hotel where I stayed, I look for the watch again, this time emptying my back pack completely and the watch was not there.  I sent a message to my friend one messenger asking her to get me another one since she bought the one I lost and that I have worn for years.  More than the watch is was the sentimental value.  I took the key of Coherence and imagined the image on the coherence side of the key to bring my watch back.  I was amazed when I placed my hand in one of the pockets I have already search and the watch was there.

10/09/18 Eduardo:  The girl continues to read in Spanish and sometimes she introduces English characters in her spelling.  She is making very rapid progress in her development. She is reading advertisements and basically everything she sees.  She was going to be admitted into a special school called Pekes for autistic children.  The mother took her evaluation to the school and after she was assessed the staff told her that she did not belong there.  Her cognitive functions were considered normal.

12/09/18 Ruby:   I was looking at the drawings on the Key to Coherence and my left hand began to shake and I felt pins and needles and then heat.  I took my cel phone and placed it on my right hand and my right hand began to shake and I felt it very cold.  Then my feet became warm and I went to sleep.

13/09/18.  Patricio Hidalgo:  For quite sometime I have had pain in my right hand as a consequence of an accident.  I got used to the pain.  When I saw the drawings in the key to coherence, the pain began to increase and increase.  It was pulsating.  My eyes became wide open and then the pain got to a become very painful and suddenly the pain completely disappeared.  A few days have gone by and the pain has not return.  I feel such a great relief. I now know that I experienced a healing crisis where my body was adjusting by giving more pain and then the pain simply disappeared. It has not come back since.

13/09/18  Aurora Campusano:  A girl had a very heavy menstrual period that lasted 2 weeks.  I place the key to Coherence in her abdomen for about 1 minute, and in that very moment the bleeding subsided and did not come back.  She continues to have a normal menstrual cycle.

13/09/18.  Kelly.  A week ago I had the intention to sale my station wagon. I placed a piece of paper with the intention written in the present time using the ending ING saying, someone is buying my station wagon.   I have been trying to sell it for over a year  When I walked out of the transport office where I registered it again the someone make me an offer and bought it. I will now take out the piece of paper with such an intention from my left shoe. 

13/09/18.  Nancy Moreno.  Today I witness how amazing the Key to Coherence is.  My printer stopped working as I attempted to print in thick paper sheets.  I called the local representative from Epson in Santiago,  and also I called the technician in Talca.  They both were unable to help me. They simply said I needed to change it.  I then remember I have the Key to Coherence.  I place the key to Coherence with the Face of Coherence facing the printer.  The printer began to make an awful loud  noise and suddenly something wonderful happened:  It began to print again if nothing had aver happened. 

13/09/18. Aurora Campusano:  When placing the key to Coherence in front of anyone or anything, one has to do it confidently and thus without any doubts.  Last week a girl arrived in my office with her cell phone turned off as it had ran out of battery.   She told me it was discharged and even though she charged it it did not turn ion.  I place the Key to Coherence with the face of Congruency facing the phone and in a few minutes the phone turn itself on again and this time with a full charge. 

21/09/18 Katy Lucas:  I placed the Key to Coherence in my son’s right  knee since it was inflamed. During the process he mentioned that he felt heat.  He had the sensation of having a magnet In the knee.  In that very second the light in the room began to twinkle (coincidence?) and the light bulb burnt.  He felt like someone was hugging his knee and the sensation of having the magnet there disappeared.  Then the inflammation disappeared and he felt great relief.  The process took about 10 minutes.

21/09/18 Veronica Saez:  I applied to key to Coherence to my next door 80 year old neighbor for about 5 minutes in each eye,  A year ago she had an eye operation to remove cataracts.  She kept on having blur vision and her vision did not improved.  She has been diagnosed with chronic glaucoma and conjunctivitis.  The inflammation in her eyes is severe.  The sclera which is the white part of the eyes ball was very red, specially in the right eye. I asked her to rate her vision in a scale from 1 to 10, and she gave me a score of 8/10.  She said, the blur vision was caused by a type of cloth in front of her eyes, and therefore she found it very hard to focus her vision. When I placed the Key to Coherence in front of her eyes, she said she started seeing small vortices in front of her eyes spinning clockwise.  They were blue and the center was emanating white rays of light.  The vortices were aligned in a loop.  She saw this for a few seconds and then they began to fade away.  Then she felt a severe pain inside her eyes followed by heat.    After a few minutes she said that the cloth she was seeing in front of her eyes before was gone.  She now could focus a lot better I asked her to rate her vision again in a scale from 1 to 10 and this time she said she could see 4/10.  I used the emotional freedom technique (EFT) to bring down the eyes irritation and the redness of the eyes began to fade away.  The lady ended up leaving my rooms very happy and so was I.  

23/10/18.  Mark Rosales:  We did an experiment measuring nitrates in a banana.  The banana was cut in half.  We introduced a device that measures radiation and nitrates in ppm.  When we introduced it inside half of the banana which was not exposed to the Key to Coherence the reading we got was 60 ppm, reflecting the process of aging.  We then use the other half of the banana and exposed it to the Key to Coherence for just a few seconds by placing it near the banana and then underneath it.  A second reading gave us a value of 17 ppm, showing the effect of the Key to Coherence. 

29/12/18. Aurora: On the 29th of December one of the members of our group who was present at your talk in October, she mentioned that she was delighted of being at the talk. She mentioned that she has had 5 suicidal attempts, her name is Maria Zulema, despite been very happy on the day she talked to you.  On the 29th of December she had a cerebrovascular incident and she asked for help. At the time one of our collages asked Maria if she had company, asked where she was, she kept on asking her questions and Maria could not answer.  Maria could not talk anymore.  She had chest pain and her chest was very tight, she became highly altered, and she was rushed to the intensive care unit of a local hospital. She had hemiplegia, meaning the left side of her body was paralyzed.  She had an excruciating headache.  She was placed on the phone to listen to Aurora.  At that time, Aurora organized the entire group to do a collective session on Maria at 10:00 pm.  The intention was to send her love and the energy to reestablish perfect health, asking her body to regenerate through a healing process. Meanwhile to women from our group, Virginia who you know, and another person went to visit her at the hospital. These two women did tapping on Maria as well as used the Key to Coherence that they place above her throat. They worked on her for 45 minutes. That same evening at 10:00 pm the Tapping group lead by Aurora, got together and send her the intention of recovery through love using the Key to Coherence all at once.  The following day she sent us a photo where she showed us that she was able to move and lift her left arm. She was able to talk again, although her voice was tight but saying that she was feeling much better, the headache had gone, that she did not sleep well, I do not know if it was because of the excess of energy that was sent to her and she received.  The same day we repeated the procedure at 10:00 pm and the next day, she said she was able to move her left leg.   Today the 3rd of January, she was discharged from intensive care and transferred to another ward for observation.  Her voice returned, she was able to stand up and ate everything she was given.  She also began to walk taking small steps.  She has recovered in a fabulous manner, she is very grateful to you for everything that you have shared with us including the people who supported her healing process, she is very happy and so are all of us.  She said the medical staff is impressed with the evolution of her speedy recovery.  She wants to adopt changes in her life.

14/01/19 Aurora:  The maid at home arrived with tendonitis in her right wrist. She could not move the right thumb due to the pain. The doctor who saw her said to her to apply phototherapy.  I used to Key to Coherence and she experienced excruciating pain.  I used the key on his arm for 10 minutes and he felt movement inside his arm that he also could feel in the right leg. What was curious is that he also could see violet and red light in his arm.

15/01/19 Claudia Fernandez:  A friend and I used our keys to help a third person who lives in another country. He was about to undergo a very complex surgery.  The operation was very successful. The main thing is that we both used our keys face to face and we found the effect to be very potent.  It is difficult to explain.  The intention was made with love and we got a beautiful result.

15/01/19 Maria Zulema: Aurora used the Key to Coherence on Maria again at distance and Maria reported the following:   I felt a lot of heat and began to sweat to the point that I wet the bed with perspiration.  My attitude to life has changed for the best.  I am so grateful.

16/01/19 Ruby de la Parra:  An hour ago I closed the car’s door and two of my fingers were squashed.  It hurt a lot.  I asked one of my daughters to get me the Key to Coherence which was in my wallet as soon as possible.  I placed it above my fingers which were numbed, and I felt heat.  Then they start bleeding and they became inflamed and purple. Within minutes I had cero pain, and I began to move them as the blood clotted.  I continue with my daily activity.  When I arrived home the inflammation disappeared and I have no pain whatsoever.  My fingers look normal.  A photo was sent.

16/01/19 Claudia Sgto:  Today my 8 year old son had a fall and landed on his coxis.  He looks at me and says:  Mum please help me, it hurts a lot and I am seeing tiny lights with different colours.  I cannot see very well and my ears are blocked.  I took a deep long breath aiming to keep calmed and trustful.  I reach for the Key To Coherence and I placed it in his lower back where the coxis is.  Then I passed it in his ears, nose, eyes and head, as slowly the pain fainted away.  I then move the Key to Coherence along his chakras region (a total of 5 minutes).  Soon after he was his happy self again, she does not have any bruises.  Just before he went to sleep he said:  The key is magical. 

17/01/19 Veronica:  Hi Everyone, you might recall that I asked for help to assist my friend Lily on Sunday the 13th of January, to undergo a stressful, difficult and yet successful lung operation due to cancer on the 15th of January.   I am so grateful to all for your love and I would like to share this experience.  On the 14th of February I had a session with a client who is a friend.  In my view she has a special gift that involves communication with spirit.  When she connects, she feels the essence of the spiritual energy in a very clear and loud way as to the way the energy manifests itself within her. I used the Key to Coherence with her and asked her for feedback as to what she felt.  She was astonished when she felt the manifestation of energy passed through the Key to Coherence.  She told me that through the Coherence side (the one showing the pyramids) of the key she felt the smoothness of the energy, and through the Congruency side (the one showing the 16 hearts in the periphery) she could feel greater intensity with the energy, in such was that the Coherence side is engaging with the energy and the congruency side is amplifying the energy. I asked her to draw her attention to the troublesome relationship that she has with one of her daughters. I was surprised when she told me that all she could feel was a sense of neutrality. Then I asked her to think of each one of her kids and she ended up laughing with joy. When I realized her ability to feel energy, I asked her to think of Lily my friend.  As soon as she did, she felt light headed, with no strength, and no sustainability. She became weak. I asked her if this experience was affecting her and she said no, saying that she was alright.  So, I asked her if she could send an intention to Lily with love with the aim of regaining harmony in her body for her own self good and that of others.  She became still and after a few minutes she told me that everything is fine and is working out.  On Tuesday one of Lily’s friends rings me to tell me that the operation Lily had was a complete success.  The surgeon and his team were thrilled because it was a risky operation and Lily went through it successfully.  Still waiting for the results of the slow biopsy, since the result from the speedy biopsy was still inconclusive to point towards lung metastasis coming from a primary tumor found in her colon.  On Tuesday, she was taken to the recovery room after the operation skipping the intensive care unit because she was in very good shape after the lung operation.  Yesterday I got a message saying that she was discharged from the recovery room and taken to the ward where her room was. She was feeling very well and in good spirits.  Her doctor and family were greatly surprised because of her speedy recovery.  The doctor was expecting for her to be in intensive care for 3 to 4 days due to the effect of the anesthesia. She is 80 years old.  I am in ore the same as everyone else around her and I am very grateful. 

18/01/19 Veronica:  I would like to share the following:  Lily was discharged today from hospital.  She is in excellent physical shape.  She call in to see her dentist on her way home.  I am very grateful.  

 [Ago 2018] Claudia. Hola, desde ayer he empezado a usar la lleve sin expectativas, solo sintiendo y desde el amor.

Antes de dormir miré llave a la coherencia, y luego cerré mis ojos agradeciendo y me vino una imagen de pequeña, me inundó una profunda paz y tranquilidad. Luego pasé el lado de la congruencia en cada chakra de mi cuerpo, y fui sintiendo un calorcito, cuando pasé por la garganta algo se destrabó, era mi mandíbula, no me había dado cuenta que estaba apretada. Y al final en coronilla, sentí que un flujo de energía en espiral estaba en mi cuerpo, levemente sentí un vaivén (pensé que estaba temblando y no, era una sensación corporal).

Hoy en la mañana, por primera vez en varias semanas mi hijo se levantó al colegio solito, sin que tuviera que gritarle por 5ta vez! Jajaja

Mi auto al prenderlo, sonó feo, vi que los controles del tablero se habían echado a perder, se desprogramaron. Mientras manejaba (en los semáforos) me hice Tapping pensando en el auto. Luego le puse llave al tablero. Más tarde en el día, el auto está sin ruido y el tablero volvió a funcionar normalmente!!!! 😱

En casi todos mis pacientes de hoy, he aplicado la llave.

Con una mujer de 78 años, al final de la sesión me dijo que le dolía cadera izquierda, hicimos Tapping y luego la llave. Refirió que sintió frío, y como un latir en la zona. Al final el dolor bajó de 7 a 1, una pequeña molestia. Se fue feliz!!!

Y yo tb lo estoy! Porque la llave simplemente me recordó el “soltar” y simplemente fluir!

[Ago 2018] Milka. Hoy una estudiante venía muy triste a preguntarme qué podía hacer, porque tenía mucha pena por la muerte reciente de su abuelo. Le dije que haríamos un experimento y saque la llave, le pregunté en qué parte del cuerpo sentía su pena y me indicó en el pecho, puse ahí un minuto la llave, luego le pregunté si necesitaba en otro lugar, me indicó el estómago y luego la espalda a la altura de las suprarrenales. Su rostro fue cambiando hasta sonreír.

Le pregunté ¿qué sintió? me dijo que fue como si le quitaran un gran peso de su corazón.  💕💕

 [Sep 2018] Maria Lorena.

Hoy usé la llave en un joven con una depresión muy cronificada. El llegó con angustia en la garganta nivel 10 y con tapping la bajamos a 3 (por momentos a 0 pero volvia a 3 en casa).

Hoy la pusimos en su garganta mientras hacia tapping y se disolvió completamente. Su comentario fue “qué bacán! Me siento increible” Entonces le pedi que la sostuviera y mirara la llave de coherencia mientras hablabamos de su futuro, el qué quería y para qué lo quería, mientras hablabamos yo hacia tapping en su otra mano. Fue muy bello, queria compartir la experiencia.

[Sep 2018] Pamela. Les quiero compartir que mi mamá se sentía angustiada porque no podía vender su casa y arrendar otra propiedad…

Trabajamos un poco juntas las creencias y usó la llave para equilibrar y luego firmó papel con su intención en pie izquierdo y almohada…

Hoy firmo la promesa de compra venta de su casa 😍✨🙏🙌

[Ago 2018] Kelly. Quiero contarles mi experiencia, hace una semana intencione para vender mi camioneta… llevaba casi un año tratando de venderla y salí recién del registro civil… vendida y transferida… ahora me iré a sacar el papelito del zapato.

[Sep 2018] Nancy. Hoy vivencié la maravilla de la llave a la coherencia.

Mi impresora no me permitía pasar hojas gruesas,  las que si pasaba anteriormente,  llamé a la Epson en Santiago (Chile) y al servicio técnico en Talca y no me dieron ninguna solución,  sólo cambiar el carro. Me acordé de la llave y la intensioné ubicando el lado de la congruencia hacia la impresora, esta comenzó a emitir mucho ruido y de pronto sucede lo maravilloso… comienza a imprimir como si nada le hubiese pasado…

[Sep 2018] Claudia. Sorpresas que ya no sorprenden!! Maravillas!!

(A mí me pasó con el tablero del auto hace unas semanas, llave y listo nunca más se desprogramó) 😉

[Sep 2018] Karla.­­­­ Hola! Esta semana energicé el agua y la puse en mi clase de yoga, sentí un frío muy rico, distinto al frío del sur, al intentar describirlo y reconocerlo sentí que era el frío de un bosque, muy agradable, la impresión que me da es porque es la vibración de la naturaleza. Al finalizar la clase recibí mucho amor de las personas que asisten, varias que se retiran rápido se quedaron conversando con el grupo sin importar el tiempo.

[Sep 2018] Monica: Tengo la llave hace un par de dias, aqui mi experiencia. primero empecé  usarla con la foto del celular y como funcionó la encargué. El dia que me llegó, cuando aún no la iba a buscar casi me caí en mi casa y por equilibrarme hice un movimiento brusco que me causó un dolor muy grande en la columna, anduve con ese dolor todo en dia. me puse a pensar en la tarjeta y en cómo la iba a utilizar para mi columna, la proyecté en mi mente y mentalmente me la puse en la espalda, cuando iba manejando seguí haciendo el ejercicio mental… seria unos 10 min. Cuando me bajé del vehículo, el dolor casi no estaba; pensé que podría haber sido casualidad. Hoy me desperté a media noche con mucho dolor de útero, generalmente me pongo imanes o me tomo una pastilla  pero empecé a pensar en la tarjeta… la recordé con todos sus detalles en la coherencia, la proyecté en mi mente un rato y luego mentalmente me la puse en el utero por el lado de la congruencia y… uff sorpresa! se ha quitado el dolor. Les cuento además que habitualmente me hago tapping mental y me resulta super efectivo. Ahora se que también resulta con la tarjeta. pruébenlo porfis y me cuentan como les va. Amor y luz a todas las almas de este grupo. ❤

 [Sep 2018] Kathy.  A mi hijo le puse la llave en su rodilla derecha, por una inflamación, en el proceso el me ha contado que sintió calor, además un peso que le ancla al suelo y sentía la llave como un imán. En eso la luz empezó a parpadear un rato y se quemó, ¿coincidencia?. Y en eso me dice que sintió que alguien de mucha luz le abrazó la pierna y dejó de sentir el imán de la tarjeta y el peso que lo anclaba al suelo. Su rodilla desinflamada y sin dolor. (Fue alrededor de 10 minutos).

[Sep 2018] Veronica: ¡Hola a todos! Les quiero contar mi experiencia de hoy con la llave de la coherencia. Le apliqué la tarjeta 5 minutos en cada ojo a mi vecina de 80 años de edad que hace un año fue operada de catarátas y quedó mal de la operación, sufre de glaucoma crónico y además está con conjuntivitis, por lo que la inflamación de los ojos es tremenda, la parte blanca del ojo se veía como sangre, sobre todo en el ojo derecho. Antes de aplicarle la tarjeta, de 0 a 10, siendo 10 lo peor que podría ver, me dijo que veía 8 y me explicó que tenía la sensación como una tela constante en los ojos que no la dejaba enfocar y que desde hace un año que veía así… Primero se la puse en el ojo derecho que era el ojo más complicado, al momento de ponerle la tarjeta me empezó a describir que estaba viendo un montón de remolinos chiquititos que giraban en el sentido del reloj, eran de color azul oscuro y que del centro le salían unos rayitos blancos luminosos. Los remolinos estaban ordenados en un círculo grande me dijo, los vio por unos segundos y se fueron desvaneciendo, luego sintió un pinchazo fuerte hacia adentro del ojo y después un calor hacia adentro del ojo. Le pasó lo mismo en el ojo izquierdo pero todo con menor intensidad.

Después de la aplicación de la tarjeta me dijo que ya no tenía la sensación de una tela en los ojos, que ahora podía enfocar mejor, estaba maravillada porque desde hace un año que no veía así. De 0 a 10, siendo 10 lo peor que podría ver, quedó en 4 su visión, el rojo del ojo no bajó mucho. La irritación la logré bajar bastante con tapping, le quedó rosada la parte blanca de los ojos y no color sangre como tenía en un principio.

La señora quedó feliz y yo también porque el doctor le había dicho que nunca más iba a poder enfocar mejor… Es todo tan sorprendente y Maravilloso!!!

 [Oct 2018] Gregoriana. Aurora, es q estoy pensando en la magnitud del alcance de la llave… porque si se comunican entre si… Wau!! Es cosa de poner intención y hacer q efectivamente se comuniquen, entonces es un megacampo.

[Oct 2018] Ruby. Yo ayer recibi mi llave de coherencia y hoy se cayó una pequeñita y se pegó en su frente quedó con un chichon full. Al llevarla a enfermería para que le colocaran un hielito. Me acordé que tenia mi tarjeta y se la puse de camino a la enfermería por lado de congruencia. Su chichon se desinflamó mucho al llegar y después en vez de hielo le dije a la tia que le iba a dejar otro ratito. Algo mágico que tenía. Al final se desinflamó chichón casi un 95% Una maravilla. Me di cuenta que mi mano donde sujetaba la tarjeta aparte de punzarme un poquito estaba muuuuy helada como un hielo.

[Oct 2018] Pamela. Hola, les comento que he tenido resultados sorprendentes.

1) tenía una pequeña inflamación y a los segundos desapareció.

2) una funcionaria tenía mucho dolor producto de una operación que quedó con secuelas y fue muy fuerte la energía que se movió.

3) una amiga que tenía mucho dolor le puse la llave y me dijo que no sentía nada, se la saqué y después de un rato me pidió aplicarla  para otra área porque se le había quitado el dolor.

4) a mi hijo le molestaba una herida producto de un absceso que fue operado y no se cierra y dejó de molestarle.

[Nov 2018] Claudia Fernández. Estimados, no había escrito antes, pero les quería comentar que me pasó después de estar en la charla del Dr. Orozco, soy la madre de Amelie, conté mi experiencia con ustedes, realmente fue una experiencia maravillosa en varios aspectos. Les cuento que al terminar la jornada sentía mucha energía, mis manos… sentí algo indescriptible… para contextualizar les comento que le di pecho a Amelie hasta mayo de este año, y de a poco lo dejó definitivamente para Julio de este año. El tema es que después de la charla, el día domingo en la mañana, para mí sorpresa tenía los pechos llenos de leche, me asusté y me preocupé, sobre todo porque empecé a sentir dolor. Me pregunté porque me había pasado eso, no entendía… El tema es que ese día fui a ver a un primo de Santiago, y para mí sorpresa él estaba ayudando a una chica venezolana que se había quedado sin lugar para vivir y estaba con su pequeño bebé recién nacido de dos semanas. Se encontraba emocionalmente estresada por varios temas y el más importante, estaba muy complicada porque le costaba mucho alimentar a su bebé por las heridas que tenían sus pechos. Me gusta mucho el tema de la maternidad y la lactancia, por lo que estuve con ella en la tarde y la ayude con todos los tips que sabía. Le mostré EFT. El tema es que mientras conversábamos su bebé empezó a llorar y vi la cara de angustia de ella por tener que darle pecho, y simplemente lo supe, le conté lo que me había pasado en la mañana y sin decir nada más y ella me dice si le puedo dar leche a su bebé… Y lo hice, fue realmente hermoso, mágico, entendí entonces porque pasó lo que pasó.  Y después de ese domingo, no volví a producir niuna gota de leche más. Volví a Temuco más que agradecida. Ahora estamos en contacto y ella y su bebé han estado mucho mejor. Mucho amor para todos ustedes me siento muy bendecida por haber compartido tan especial y bello día. Cariños.🙂

[Nov 2018] Alicia. Buenas noches a todos. Hoy tuve una experiencia que deseo compartir para reforzar la alquimia que se produce con la llave que cada día me maravilla más. Al llegar al camarín del gimnasio una chica que compite en la categoría culturista y competirá en el Sudamericano de su especialidad estaba tirada en el suelo. Pensé que estaba estirando pero comenzó a quejarse porque tenía un calambre en el abdomen. Como no se podía parar le pedí que se levantara un poco y como pude le puse la Llave entre el suelo y su estómago donde me indicó el punto del dolor. Le dije que a lo mejor el dolor se le podría incrementar pero en cosa de segundos se le pasó y se paró. Ahí le apliqué un poco más. Estaba muy sorprendida y me preguntó qué le había hecho porque generalmente los calambres post entrenamiento a ese nivel son muy fuertes y se le pasó en segundos. Dijo que antes de que yo llegara estaba muy asustada porque además estaba sola. Lógicamente cuando le apliqué la Llave puse la intención que su dolor pasara. Así fue y comparto porque me siento muy agradecida de haber podido ayudar con este portal que ordena las energías de manera perfecta. Bendiciones a todos.

[Nov 2018] Alejandra. He usado mucho más mi Llave y súper los resultados.

Algo de lo que he realizado; Mi hijo tenía problemas con sus dos colmillos, el derecho estaba cruzado por sobre los otros dónde la dentista me dió una hora para cirugía hice tapping con la radiografía y menos de dos semanas se solucionó ,volvió a su posición y con el izquierdo 6 meses que no salía y mi hijo tímidamente sonreía porque le faltaba su diente, después del curso con el Doctor Orozco 2 dias coloqué la tarjeta en el espacio y comenzó aparecer…

Me caí sobre mi mano derecha, sostuve el dolor todo el día llegué a mi casa coloqué la llave en mi mano a los 2 minutos desapareció el dolor.

Hoy una señora que tiene muchos dolores en su cuerpo, casi diagnosticada con Fibromialgia, trabajamos tapping con la inflamación que tiene en todo el cuerpo, sumado al dolor del brazo derecho y cadera… Le coloqué la llave un minutos a lo que dijo siento un calor, le pedí que me hiciera saber, si eso cambiaba. Cuando dijo no está el calor, le pedí que buscara el dolor; dijo esto es increíble esto no lo podía hacer… se fue con cero dolor del cuerpo y maravillada…

 [Dic 2018] Alicia. Mi hija Sofía tenía un orzuelo y le dolía mucho. Apliqué la llave antes de dormir y apoyé con EFT y al otro día no tenía nada. Investigué algo en internet sobre el período de duración de un orzuelo y en promedio citaban entre unos pocos días hasta 10. Los resultados de  EFT y la llave son de un potencial increíble. Muchas gracias Aurora por esta apertura que trajiste a nuestras vidas. Bendiciones.

[Dic 2018] Govinda. Buenas noches. Hoy En mi trabajo atiendo un paciente que llevaba 2 meses sintiendose pésimo, evaluado por 2 médicos. Que solo le solicitaron una Eco abdominal, por falta de dinero recien se la realizará este jueves. Sin derivacion al hospital. Usuario con ictericia general, mucho dolor en zona de higado, vómitos,febril, muy decaído.

Realizó todas las gestiones para que sea derivado al hospital. Y se caen unas ordenes de este paciente sobre mi cartera….donde tengo mi llave….

Se la aplico unos 10 minutos holisticamente y tapping en relación a biodecodificacion.

 Paciente refiere: “no se dónde viaje o volé”, “La sensación de no estar acá y solo escuchar su voz es maravilloso”. Anímicamente era otro, sin dolor y sus escleras estaban más blancas.

Impresionada y Feliz. Mañana se realizará los examenes y les contaré de su avances.


[Dic 2018] Ale. Yo tengo mi niño de 4 años, estaba con fimosis no se retraía para nada su prepucio y le correspondía control con Pediatra para evaluar cirugía, y de repente se me ocurrió la idea de aplicarle la tarjeta solo lo hice visual cómo 3 días con mucha intención.

fuimos al control y la doctora lo comienza a evaluar y oohh sorpresa!! se retraia, me dijo que sólo debo continuar con ejercicios suaves para q ceda completamente.

[Dic 2018] Claudia Fernández. Hola a todos, les cuento, ocupe la llave usando la intención para el proceso de selección del colegio al que postuló mi hija mayor. Es un colegio que es muy díficil entrar si los niños no parten desde pre-kinder, es artístico por lo que debió dar una prueba de habilidades artísticas. El tema es que mi hija quedó en el segundo lugar de la lista de espera para un cupo. Durante todos los años dicen que muy rara vez se habilitan uno o dos cupos y solo en los cursos en que los niños que se cambian a liceo ( osea 7° básico ó 1° medio). Mi hija necesitaba para 8°. Ocupé la llave al momento de la postulación, para su prueba de habilidades y antes de saber el resultado.  El día miércoles de la semana pasada nos informaron que las posibilidades eran casi nulas. Este miércoles, salen los cupos. Y para nuestra felicidad se abrieron 4 cupos para 8°, mi hija no lo podía creer! Fue todo perfecto! 🙂

[Dic 2018] Veronica : Hola! Les quiero contar que traté solamente con la llave de coherencia a un señor de 75 años que se había accidentado unos dedos de la mano. Cuando se la apliqué hacía 1 mes se había reventado 3 dedos de la mano izquierda, ya tenía la piel de sus dedos cicatrizada pero sus dedos estaban muy muy hinchados, con una sensación permanente de bombeo en los dedos, al doblarlos sentía que se le desgarraba la piel por dentro y la piel de los dedos al tocársela la sentía como carne viva. Le apliqué la llave y la sensación de bombeo, después de acentuársele, se le pasó completamente. Pudo volver a doblar los dedos y tocarse la piel sin dolor alguno. El señor no podía creer que se le habían pasado todas las molestias que estaba sufriendo en forma permanente en menos de 10 minutos, quedó impactado. A los 3 días lo vi de nuevo y me dijo que esa mañana había empezado a sentir nuevamente, pero mucho más leve, la sensación de que se le desgarra la piel por dentro al doblar los dedos y la piel al tacto sólo le dolía en las cicatrices, sus dedos seguían hinchados. Apliqué la tarjeta otra vez y pasaron totalmente las molestias de nuevo. A la semana lo volvía ver y sus dedos estaban totalmente deshinchados, no le había vuelto la sensación de desgarro al doblar los dedos y sólo le quedaba una pequeña molestia al tocarse las cicatrices. Volví a aplicarle la tarjeta y pasó totalmente la molestia que le quedaba nuevamente. Cómo a las 2 semanas lo volví a ver y me cuenta maravillado que ya no le volvió ningún tipo de molestia, sus dedos estaban impecables.

Me comentó que él era muy incrédulo a todas las terapias energéticas, que no entendía que le había hecho pero que era innegable y sorprendente la recuperación de sus dedos en forma tan rápida, me dijo que para él esto había sido toda una experiencia y se la cuenta a quien lo quiera escuchar. Quedó muy sorprendido, agradecido y feliz porque pudo retomar su vida en forma normal y yo quedé demasiado feliz al haberlo podido ayudar de esa manera. solo poniéndola sobre sus dedos hasta que dejara de sentir cosas raras como me decía él…  Lo primero que sintió la primera vez fue que se le acentuó la sensación de bombeo en sus dedos, después como corriente que le llegaba hasta el codo y finalizó sintiendo mucho calor en sus dedos… Las otras veces sintió sólo mucho calor en sus dedos.

[Dic2018] Govinda. Buen dia a Todos!! Ocupar la llave con la intención de Amor a sanar en los planos biologicos y emocional…es maravilloso!!

1.- Mi suegro con una hernia inguinal, además de no entender la medicina cuantica.

Aplico la llave con esa intención y comienza a sentir igual al sonido de un globo que se va desinflando. Quedó maravillado y la sensación de molesta desapareció.

El esta fuera de la región, solo me dice que seguirá con mis sesiones solo se palpa un globito sin molestia.

2.- Llave a distancia. Rodilla inflamada con el tendon cortado.

Apliqué la Llave con la intención, canalizando con la energia de Dios por 3 días continuos.

A la semana expresa que no tiene ninguna molestia, la observa normal temeroso de caminar se realizara un exámen de control.

Feliz con todo mi aprendizaje!!!

 [Dic 2018] Ruby. Mi experiencia a contar es muy diferente. Pero lo comparto igual. Mis hijas de 15 años (gemelas) de la  navidad 2017 pidieron un celular, pero no cualquiera uno muy caro que en oferta estaba a 350.000 (pesos chilenos). Al cual nos hemos reusado por lo caro. Ellas han juntado dinero y ya tienen para uno quieren que yo y mi marido les compremos otro. Ya que en Navidad nuevamente no paso nada con ello. Y este martes fui a la impresora donde habia un celular de mi marido malo ya que en el campo lo mojó full en el invierno y se le daño la pantalla táctil. Salia más caro el arreglo que el se compró otro y quedó el celu por ahi en el olvido. Bueno buscando otra cosa lo vi y lo tomé, busque un cargador lo dejé cargando y le puse la tarjeta por unas 4 hrs. Fui a buscar el cargador para cargar mi celu y cuando lo encendi wooooo prendió pase el dedo y la pantalla táctil como si nada! esta impecable el celu le puse un chip y se lo pasé a una de ellas. El celu es mejor que el mio jjiji. Y mañana con el dinero que juntaron todo un año iremos a comprar el que quieren. Mi hija mayor aún no lo cree porque en servicio técnico  lo vieron y el celu habia colpasado, quiere que le coloque la tarjeta a la xbox que tiene malo jiji

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